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The Low Smoke Stove is a low-tech, locally produced solution to enable healthy indoor cooking.

September 2005, Philips in collaboration with local NGO’s like ARTI (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute)


This stove has been developed to fight the ill-effects of indoor air-pollution, a silent threat that is the cause of respiratory problems in many rural households of India.

“This idea seemed to have the best chance of helping the socially disadvantaged through leveraging our expertise and capabilities without involving sophisticated and expensive technologies” Simona Rocchi, Director of Sustainable Design at Philips Design in Eindhoven


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The Product

The Low Smoke Stove has many advantages over traditional stoves. Apart from providing a better cooking environment, the stove is easy to use and maintain, and can be used with indigenous biomass as fuel. As the stove is locally produced and distributed, it is relatively cheap and easily available. The stove production uses local materials and processes, and also allows for easy installation.


ABOUT the DESIGN Process

Co-developed by NGOs, local designers and stove users, this product is adapted to the local area. Workshops are being held each time a community is interested in the project in order to understand local needs and resources. All information for self production is available and is using open licenses. In each local area, after establishing the design, molds are created and shared. Local producers are then involved in producing the stoves and selling them. The participatory process allows and easier shift from traditional stoves to new ones.


I think the ability to work with people and enable them into creating and producing their own solutions is an incredible way to overcome change resistance and to offer people the ability to improve their own lives. Also it is a great way for a Company, in this case Philips to do philanthropy by design.

Critical aspects

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