Startups are a girl’s best friend! (why investing Is the new giving)

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November 29, 2013 by Liat

Since I posted this image to my facebook page some people asked me why am I doing that?


Here is me trying to explain:

Raise your hands, those of you who want a phoneblocks for Christmas? 381,823,577 people joined the campaign and this means at least 100.000.000 people would like that, and it’s a lot!! . Only we can’t because it doesn’t exist YET. Dave Hakkens is for me, the best examples of what young designers should be like and the power they have to change the world using creativity. So this year, I ask you, my friends and family, instead of getting me something for Christmas, invest in this guy, so that I can get this phone next year.  It is as simple as that.

People Spend a lot of money and a lot of time in looking for and buying Christmas presents. The numbers are really crazy. I found these (and many other) info graphics that represent some of those. It is mostly data on 2012 with a prevision of 2013 to be slightly smaller. In the US about 700$ are spent by each family for Christmas gifts. In the UK the situation is similar.

Now, Imagine if we spent only 10% of it in startups? In GREAT PROJECTS that can really change the world.

Many people with great projects are asking for help. They do it in through various platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Or else, entrepreneurs just ask help on their web site. We are talking about real investments in projects that may have a big impact on the society and the environment. I think it is a good cause.

Now… it is rather difficult to come to your friends and say: hey, instead of getting you a gift I gave some money to a project. So I decided to do the opposite, and ask people to not get me anything and suggest the projects I would like to invest in. When they do that, they can send me a card, like this one here:


Beyond Phoneblocks which certainly enters my startup gifts list, I have many other ideas. Do you have some? Any project you would like to invest in?

I created a group on facebook for everyone to share their ideas of which projects to contribute to. I also invite you to post the image on your facebook page and let your friends know, that this year they can invest rather then just give. Feel free to design your own, and let me know what do you think!! 🙂


Have the best startup Christmas of all!


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