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October 24, 2014 by Liat

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The project for 2014 focuses on the relationship between the city and people with special needs. The project will explore ways to make life easier in Milan for locals and tourists that have physical or alimentary needs.

The project is divided in the following parts:

  1. On the field experience with the non-for-profit organization “Be Handy”. In this part students will be mapping parts of the city, including restaurants, hotels, shops and transportation for people with special needs. This will be done by a presentation in class od the organization, its aim and method and a day in which the student will actively contribute to mapping. During that day, the students will be put in a special need situation, for example in a wheel chair, with earphones that block hearing and other elements.
  2. Collective sharing of the experience and collection of feelings, thoughts and first idea.
  3. In groups of 3, the students will develop a counter brief to explain what they would like to develop and begin a research on the specific topic.
  4. Students will develop their projects to a prototyping phase.

The project is part of “Here for good” program by NABA, Laureate.

 BeHandy is an association open to all people with the highest  attention to them with special needs, such as people with reduced mobility , vision, hearing, and food intolerances , that could feel  in difficulty when travelling for any kind of journey.
This Association was founded with the purpose  to provide  informations and solutions for travelling  and staying , really “tailor made”, knowing the needs of all people with disability.  BeHandy takes also the responsibility of mapping the territory , to collect information about all accessible touristic destination and to give support and targeted information . The aim is, wherever possible, to throw a stone into the pond to move  waters and consciences trying to equalize all possible services in tourism for everyone .
This synergy makes BeHandy a key player in Italy for accessible tourism  and advanced for any foreign incoming.

Risultati Attesi:

Contro Brief – 1 pagina scritta

Ricerca – 3-6 pagine con immagini

Descrizione del processo con schizzi e prototipi di prova 2-4 pagine

Risultato finale:

(da definire gruppo per gruppo)

  • Disegni tecnici
  • Prototipo
  • Render
  • bozza di fattibilità economica


Presentazione in PDF – 10 minuti

Post per il blog, facebook post, twitter,  filmato (solo su richiesta)


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This course is held at NABA: Nuova Accademia di belle arti by Chiara Gambarana and Liat Rogel

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