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November 22, 2014 by Liat


Recycling and caring for homeless dogs and cats.

Delivered by: Büşra Turan & Manana Shakiashvili


In 2014 the known company Yücesan Vagon A.Ş and the ‘Olive Ecological Life Association’ have created a project which was announced as the ‘Social Responsibility and Awareness Project’ of the year. The project was aimed to have a multifunction in order to help both the animals on the streets and to lead people for taking recycling more serious.



There are approximately over ten thousand (10’000) homeless animals (cats and dogs) living on the streets in Istanbul. Even though there are many shelters provided for them, there is still a high amount of non-sheltered ones. Besides the lack of having no shelter and no homes, the worse situation is that most of the cats and dogs do not have food or water in order to live.

The Product

The project is based on a machine which contains lap and water for the homeless animals. The machine is based on a binning part where people who walk by can empty their water bottles and leave it into another box for recycling. As soon as the people recycle the bottle and pour the water into the machine, water and 4 gr of lap is being released on the lower bottom of the machine which makes it able for the animals to get close and eat and drink their provided food. The poured in water is being provided for the animals on the lower part, and the bottle is the key for the lap.There are different types of lap produced, but dry lap is the one used for the machine in order for the cats to eat it as well. Another interesting fact about the product is; is works with solar energy.

The machine gains 12 volts of solar energy which allows the machine to work 170 thousand times also with the extra help of battery panel.The machine weights 125 kg and the cabinet is made out of metal. The machine is placed outside but it is still hygienic. The chrome plates for the lap are removable which allows to refresh the plates within a certain while. Also the size of the plate can be adjustable by the company. The project has been viewed by 61 countries and has started to deliver the project to 20 countries already.

animal feeder from recycling with permission

ABOUT the DESIGN Process

The machine is not only for ‘water bottle’, any type of bottle can be recycled and allow the lap to be served. E.g: shampoo bottle, soda bottle, coke cane etc. Also, the amount of the bottles to be stored is 800. After agreeing with the ‘Olive Ecological Life Association’, the Yücesan Vagon company started producing the project immediately. It took exactly three and a half (3,5) months for the company to produce the machine in Sakarya (a city which is 158 km away from Istanbul). Even though the machine was produced in a different city apart from Istanbul, the company decided to use the machine first in Istanbul as it is a very popular, well known and target aimed city. The highest number of homeless animals on the streets is lead by Istanbul. The marketing manager of the Yücesan Vagon company Engin Girgin has announced that their target city was Istanbul due to its multicultural population, and that this situation will help the product to spread quicker and with a high marketing.

New Generation Pugedon


The machine physically is well built and is eye catching which will also show people that is it ‘there’ and will hopefully make the people who walk by curious and take action. The Pugedon Project is a simple but yet a great idea which hopefully will be on from now on. Animals are precious and they do not have the ability to speak and stand out like we human beings. Therefore, they do not have the chance to ask for help directly or ask for food and water. We as humans have to be more caring and helpful for animals especially for the non-sheltered ones who have no homes and no family. We have to show them that we care and are there for them, and this can be done by really helping them survive by having their food in which we also help our own environment. This project is also a great example in order to lead people to be more aware of their environment and the society which may lead them to be more open and understand social design and its aim.




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