The Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary

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November 22, 2014 by Liat

A New Berlin Wall Out Of 8,000 Balloons

Delivered by: Lam Shin Wai (Jeff) and Jo Hyun Chul


7/10 to 9/11, 2014 – 25 Anniversary of the torn down of Berlin wall. The German designers, Christopher Bauder and Marc Bauder, have designed a lightening installation along the path of the location of the Berlin Wall. The light poles themselves were designed and produced by WHITEvoid, and assembled by a German Red Cross workshop for mentally handicapped people in Potsdam.


There will be no doubt that the fall of the Berlin Wall is a very important thing for the Germans. The reason why the designers would have the idea of “re-building a Berlin Wall” is that they think it is a shame the structure (Berlin Wall), which is a very important symbol in their history, has almost completely disappear. That’s why the Bauder brothers would like to bring the wall back temporarily, “even just for one evening”.
It is of course no way for them to bring back the entirely concrete wall back, and what they have decided is something more meaningful.


The Product

The public art installation is made of approximately 8,000 illuminated, natural latex balloons. The balloons are set on flexible carbon cods and on the day of celebration, the balloons will be released by the people which symbolised Freedom and “Dreams can come true”.


Firstly the whole project inspires me with their meaning behind. Everybody knows the Berlin wall, and everybody knows the Berlin wall is one of the darkest history in Germany. In many countries, it maybe a taboo to “re-appearing” their bad memories. However, these designers are using their creativity making the whole thing a “new collective memory” to the people by intruding the ideas of “Hope” and “Dreams” inside the installation which represents the Berlin Wall.
Secondly is the idea of community cooperation. Everybody can participate in the project on 9 Nov by releasing the balloon on top of the pole. The idea is like everybody are releasing hopes and dreams and eliminating the dark era in their history. This is a very meaningful action to Germans, or even everybody who has experienced the history.





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