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October 26, 2016 by Liat

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Case written and delivered by Rebecca  Strand

What is augmented reality? It is a new technology that will show you either an indirect view or live direct view of something that could be or is a real-world environment. The element’s that they use to make it feel as real as possible is; sound, videos, graphics or GPS data. This technology is basically made to bring out the components in the digital world into our recognized world.

Samsung gear Vr

Samsung is one of the companies that have used this technology in one of their latest products. In 2015 Samsung released their Gear Vr (image1), which is a mobile headset in which you can experience an augmented reality. You can play games, watch videos and look at 360-degree pictures (image 2) on your device and in all of them you will feel like it’s the real world that you see. In one of Samsung’s commercials about their Gear Vr they are telling a story about a girl who is sick and can not go to a concert because of this, so her dad went to the concert with her phone and filmed it. He brought it back so his daughter could watch it on her Samsung Gear. The girl puts on her device and watched it, and as you can see in the picture (image 3) or in the video, the girl feels like she is in the crowd watching her favorite band play.

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I chose this case study because this technology could show or make us feel a certain way that technology has never done before. The augmented reality concept, could really help our exhibition by showing or giving us opportunities to make people feel empathic if they could see how people in wheelchairs live life on a day to day basis, and how they view the world differently from their wheelchair.

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