Five Car Stud

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October 26, 2016 by Liat

Case written and delivered by Stine Yvonn Pedersen Åsli

The installation was made by Edward Kienholz from 1969-1972, and is a part of a collection of artworks by Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz from 1959 to 1994.The exhibition was made to raise awareness about racism and racial violence in America during the 60’s. It got great critics from the whole world – accept some Americans.

Picture 1.jpgThe audience is thrown into a major crime scene. When you enter the room you can see five cars in a circle are flashing their lights on a group of people in the middle. The room is dark and sand on the floor is making it difficult to walk as normal. Human dolls in 1:1 scale make it look real and scary. To understand the exhibition the audience has to walk in between the dolls and get really close. It’s almost as you experience it yourself.


Picture 2.jpg

The reason I chose this project is because this is a project that has huge impact on the audiences feelings, which is what we want to achieve with our wheelchair exhibition. By forcing people to walk in on a crime scene, the artist succeeds in touching their emotion on a deeper level. After a short time in the showroom, the audience realizes that this is a major criminal act, which makes them feel guilt and disgust.

Picture 3.jpg

For me, this installation is inspiring thinking of design opportunities mainly based on three things: The sand that is making it difficult to walk, the human scaled dolls that makes it look realistic and the darkness that gives a gloomy atmosphere symbolizing that this is a bad situation. All this is connected to people’s senses, which gives a huge influence on their interpretation of the exhibition.

Picture 4.jpg


http:// http://www.fondazioneprada.o rg/project/kienholz-five- car-stud/?lang=en exhibition/ed-kienholz-


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