Project research – collecting meaningful data and analyzing it.

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October 26, 2016 by Liat

The research for the social design project is now in progress. The students met Fabrizio Marta, Tried on their own the experience of begin in a wheelchair and had an interesting exchange on a closed Facebook group with other wheelchair users. Beyond that, they went on line to read forums, blogs and other personal stories to extract what is more interesting for them.


Fabrizio Marta @rotex Sharing his experience



Personal Experience

All that has gave them a lot of material and many thoughts and reflections. To put some order in the data and come up with design insights, we used and investigation board. Just like the ones defectives use. It is a working tool where the students shared there personal opinion and used visuals to speak about it. Then they integrated their reflections and clustered the information. Some also created connections between the different part. This is helpful in order to extract the most powerful and significant insights for the design of the exhibition.

In parallel we looked for interesting ideas in other fields where exhibitions or technology is used in order to create empathy. Some of the cases will be posted here on the blog.


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This course is held at NABA: Nuova Accademia di belle arti by Chiara Gambarana and Liat Rogel

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