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October 26, 2016 by Liat

Case written and delivered by Esther Toledano

This performance that Marina Abramovic create in which she sits steady and look an unknown person in the eye for certain time, for me express the need of connection with the world around us, and with the world on us.

As she mention a lot of people wait many hours in line just for the opportunity to have a moment in which the time stops, where there’s nothing but this person looking at you, trying to get a deeper connection, giving you the best of herself, in this case her presence. How many times we talk or ear to someone whit out even really care of what this person is saying or their real needs, maybe they just need a real friend that can listen with attention, or perhaps a real human.

Senza titolo.png

What I think on this exhibition is that she creates the space and the conditions in which people can really experiment a connection with another been ,a connection that we can also call empathy.

How many times happened to you that we are going in the metro or you are in a crowded place and you don’t know where to rest our eyes, because apparently all the space is cover with eyes of other people, that we might think judge us or look at us as well, so we try not to look on them or we emit a quick judgment and we actually deprive ourselves from the connection that this could mean.

Senza titolo2.png

I don’t know if you ever experience a person that its really present but for me it feels like if you where completely naked and there’s no place to hide and he can see you as you where transparent. As she describe that there’s no place to hide when everyone its looking, but inside, and I think that this s the real message… As long as we won`t be able to look inside and try to connect and feel what other may fell or experience, to try to put ourselves in the place of someone else as if the person in front was our own reflection, we can´t really understand a different way of seeing life or to have a different perspective, and this is why exhibitions like this exist, to show us the power of connection with the other the power of empathy.








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