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October 26, 2016 by Liat

Case written and delivered by Stine Endresen

CREATOR / DESIGNER / COMPANY is a non-pro t charity organization working to improve the situation for people with Autism and they families in Ireland. AsIAm are providing both people with and without the condition information about Autism, giving a chance for people affected by Autism to share their stories and views, and giving the Autistics a voice.

These are ́s aims under 4 key headings: Educate – empower – advocate – community.


The aim for this exhibition is to engage youth in the age 16-22, to get at greater understanding for what it ́s like to live with Autism. A lot of people have heard about Autism, but there are many who actually know what it is about. ”The Autism Experience Exhibition” is run in a Q&A format. This means that there are participants answering questions, an audio guide and different activities to enable visitors to experience the life with Autism.

On their webpage AsIAm have asked following questions:

Have you ever considered:
How would you feel if you could not read or see words clearly? How would you feel if you could not understand what people are saying to you because you did not understand the language? How would you feel if you could not hear directions being given to you, because you can hear all the surrounding noise? How would you feel if you could not communicate using your voice? How else would you get your message across the people? How would you feel if the texture or smell of food felt so unpleasant that you did not want to eat it? How would you feel if you found it difficult to walk up and down stairs and use public transport?

”The idea of the exhibition is not to be a local attraction, rather it is hoped that it will act as catalyst in local communities – engaging young people from different backgrounds and clubs into thinking about their role in building a more inclusive society for young people with Autism.”


I chose this case study because I think AsIAm has addressed something really important. In some places people with a condition like Autism are not treated, respected or looked at as the way they deserve. Some people with no understanding of the condition may laugh, point or stare because they see something or react at the way an Autistic behave.

In AsIAm ́s article about this exhibition they wrote about how it ́s more difficult for people with Autism to for example become an adult. And even tougher when people at school, college or work- place don ́t understand and don ́t include them – simply because they don’t know that the condition means.

This example is why I chose this case study. Why should anybody be left out? When changes for Autistics is already harder, why should we make it even harder for them just because we haven ́t learned properly about the condition?


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YouthHub – The Autism Experience Exhibition


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