The Menstruation Machine- Takashi’s Take

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October 31, 2016 by Liat

Written and delivered by: Giorgia Loglio

A menstrual stimulator that allows men to experience what periods feel like.

 The machine was invented and created by the Japanese design student Takashi (Sputniko!), at the Design Interactions Department of the Royal College of Art, UK.

In 2010 Takashi was able to make up an installation with video, screens, and printed panels, a project that was later presented at the MOMA museum of New York during the “Talk To Me” exposition.


The idea of the young designer was exploring the nature of another gender: he was able to satisfy his curiosity thanks to the self made metal device, wearable as a belt composed of a blood dispenser and electrodes that can stimulate pain and cramps to the abdomen, moreover with the capacity of bleeding, typical in a five-day-period.

It is designed for men, children, or whoever is curious about all women’s biological world.

Takashi wears it himself walking around and showing in a video how painful it is to get cramps unexpectedly and of course, how annoying and frustrating it can be to get the period without any notice.


I found this experiment not only a design piece but also an interesting way to let men playing with a menstrual pain simulator, and seeing their dramatic reaction to the electrodes causing pain to their bodies to somehow soften a general opinion about something every woman goes through monthly, in order to avoid or at least reduce the superficial mentality about an issue not everyone usually experiences, unless you were born a girl.

Takashi builds the Menstruation Machine as an opposition to the last years possibility of not having menstrual period thanks to the invention of new contraception ways, making them unnecessary, spreading an early view on a future biological change society is going to get used to.

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