Walking over the city

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October 31, 2016 by Liat

Written and delivered by Annavittoria Avesani

The extraordinary voyage into a dream

Hyperplanes of Simultaneity, an exhibition by Fabio Giampietro and Alessio De Vecchi APRIL 14TH – MAY 1ST 2016, MILAN, SALA DEGLI ARAZZI, PALAZZO REALE

The exhibition winner of this year Lumen prize held in Palazzo Reale this spring by Fabio Giampietro and Alessio De Vecchi, combines virtual reality and painting. With this exhibition the artists wanted to revisit the idea of the bi-dimensionality of the canvas itself, creating continuity between the three spatial dimensions.


Image 2.jpg

The visitor becomes spectator of a new reality and has the possibility to view Fabio’s painting on canvas representing the top view of an endless city, with the use of VR headset; the distance between viewer and painting is destroyed leading to the creation of an imaginary and temporary reality.

This artwork does not only melt the tradition of paintings to the most innovative technologies but it also expresses the idea of extreme liberation of the painting from its classical framework.

Image 4.jpg

I particularly felt impressed by this work that combines tradition and innovation to construct a new reality and a new expression of art. The ability to create an experience and make you feel emotions crossing the border of reality is the main idea of Hyperplanes of Simultaneity, and imposes to the viewer a surreal non-existing world.

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