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November 2, 2016 by Liat

Written and delivered by Zuyu Wang

Fire. One of the very first natural source that people learnt to use in human history and a very important element for people’s living. Meanwhile, fire disaster became a very big issue in modern society. Therefore, there is a museum in China to bring people a chance for experience what a fire disaster look like, and how firemen works in real situations, what are they experiencing in everyday lives.


The exhibition is divided into several parts. One part for a brief introduction of the entire history of firemen and the fire service system in China. Telling people how hard it was at the beginning, with the backward equipment, and lack of people who were willing to do it. The first group of firemen are even volunteers. A lot of people have worked to optimize the equipment and built up the departments gradually. So it now, become a entire system in the country. We are living with it, it is hugely important to our safety, but it is not very often talked about.


The other part is to experience how to use certain equipment, short tutorials about how to react when fire disaster came. How fire disasters started. There are built up scenes ,pictures, and videos to warn people that, a fire disaster can happen to everybody. And it is much more dangerous then our imagination.


The next part is a wall, with names of the firemen that sacrificed each year. Which is a big shock, cause there are a lot of them. And the majority of them are in their very young ages. It is very sad. It is an opportunity for us to think, to feel the pain to them and to their families. Also realize that if you make a simple mistake to start a fire, there are people might die for it. Everybody are responsible to it.


The next part starts by a 3D movie of a real fire . After the movie, fake smoke, sound, fire, and raised temperature came out , Put you in a situation as if you a in a real fire. People need to exit the room according to their knowledge learnt in the previous exhibition. And to feel the moment of fear.


In the end, a sound came out, which is a person speaking. “You are not realizing the horrors of a fire, disaster, until you experience it.” Firemen’s are the group of people that put themselves at risk for protecting others. While everybody are running away from the dangerous, they are running toward it. They are heroes. Silent heroes.


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