Forest of light – Installation for COS

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November 24, 2016 by Liat

Written and delivered bu Mona Al-Asaad

Milan 2016, by the architect Sou Fujimoto

COS commissioned the Japanese architect to create the immersive installation inside the Cinema Arti in Milan’s San Babila district  – a derelict theatre built in the 1930s by Italian architect Mario Cereghini.

Sou has used spotlights, mirrors and specially composed sounds to create his “shifting forest of light” .The cone-shaped beams pierce through the pitch-black room, and they fade on and off in response to movement.

The architect – known for his his gridded and latticed architectural structures – chose not to include any physical objects, and instead opted to use “only light” due to the short time period for the installation.

“Sou Fujimoto has really grasped the COS aesthetic, creating an installation that is so special in its simplicity and surprising in its approach,” said Martin Andersson,  head of menswear design.


Pic 1

Specially-composed sounds, fog and mirrored walls were also added to create the illusion of an infinite and immersive landscape, with the spotlights appearing as towering trees.


Pic 2

The effect is intended to be reminiscent of a forest at twilight.


Pic 3


Pic 4

“The reason why we finally didn’t use any physical things – only light – is kind of a representation of a really short moment,” he said. “It happens there, and then it’s gone without anything left.”

I choose this installation to show that is a really smart and clean way with small amount of details, you can create such a strong feeling. By music/ light and fog and mirrors.

Without even one decorative element, that will remind you of a forest. Everything is based on a feelings and associations.





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