Eye Tunnel

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March 4, 2017 by Liat

A project by Giorgia Abbondante & Gungor Gozegir

Our project is based on the  psychological and physical reaction of being observed. Our society gives us some rules that we just keep for granted. We start to collect people in groups depending on the characteristics; colour, height, age, weight. We no long consider a person for who he/she really and truly is, for what he/she had in the past, which events characterise their life, their behaviour. Because we have to remember that each one of use is different from the other, and this is the reason why the world is beautiful.


Observe people with different eyes and attitude is easily perceivable by the subject involved. This will automatically cause on him/her an effect, a reaction, a feeling of embarrassment and discomfort. Since we are humans, we have sensibility, we can feel emotions.

With this dark tunnel we would like to make the representation of a path (that is going to be long 8m). Fabrizio’s pictures on both sides, simply attached to the walls, without description. Low light, very nice as ambient. Suddenly the user will hear some noises, like if there is someone speaking about him/her. But this sound will disappear as soon as he/she will turn to verify if there is actually someone. He/she will start to feel the “pressure”, questioning himself/herself if there is something wrong; in the clothes, in the appearance, maybe they will start to settle their hairs, their dresses. They will have the feeling of being observed, thank to a very simple mechanism of holes in the very dark wall.

In the end the user will face the real meaning of the path with an emotional video, with in front of them.

This sensorial exhibition has the purpose of waking up all those emotions that are forgotten, hidden somewhere inside all of you.

Just close your eyes and feel…


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This course is held at NABA: Nuova Accademia di belle arti www.naba.it by Chiara Gambarana and Liat Rogel

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