Let me guide you


March 4, 2017 by Liat

A project by Kristina Chobanova, Bartolomeus Capetillo, Francesca Daloiso, Gunsu Gozegir

Our goal is to create more than an exhibition, it is to create an experience. An experience that appeals to your empathy, an experience that engage you, an experience that makes you understand.

Our idea is to do all this through the words of a guide. A guide that will play an act and behave in a certain way, that will make it clear as day, the point of view of a wheelchair user.


This will make you see from a different point of view how a daily life can be.

“Have you ever tried to see the situation from a different point of view?”

The story we want to tell is well disguised in the small and almost imperceptible details in our guide secret ‘play’, so the public will be affected in a general and private way. Great projects start with careful planning.

That’s why we gave special attention on careful selection of phrases and actions and creating a storyline with a specialized script.


One thought on “Let me guide you

  1. Donna Wilson says:

    Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, seeing with someone else’s eyes 👏🏻

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