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March 4, 2017 by Liat


Based from all the experiments we lived and researches we made and during those months about wheelchair, an important aspect came out. We focused on the perception side which means that usually society perceive wheelchair users as something extreme but not something that can suddenly happens in our life time. We wanted to show that there are several labels in society based on their physical aspects such as skin color, different culture, clothes style or being disable. And being on wheelchair is just one of them. all humans are the same and actually disable people are put into label plus  they are also in minority.


This quote define well our concept:

“What if today, is the day you perceive yourself differently??”

So we came out with this idea:  Making visitors see themselves into different society labels and will make them understand a bit better about wheelchair users, since being wheelchair user. Furthermore, we wanted to find a way for the people to see themselves differently and see their reflection like in front of a mirror but each time with different identity and at the end as a wheelchair user.


So that it may give visitors the chance that after all, even though being on wheelchair has significant physical aspects is also catching attentions on society, it is just a label perceived by people. It is a kind of invisible barrier that people do in their mind and that blocks the communications between humans being.


We can give this effect to the visitors with the interactive reality technology. It is panels or screen where the person is standing in front of and will see their reflection with adding elements that will change the vision of themselves.

So we picked up some labels as coast guards, person full of tattoos, a person with a darker skin color and at the end a person on a wheelchair. Those labels can be others and can be also more.

Here bellow, you find the link for our video that will explain our concept.

song track: fidra soundtrack- the journey  (NewStuffMT)



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This course is held at NABA: Nuova Accademia di belle arti by Chiara Gambarana and Liat Rogel

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