The Mirror

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March 4, 2017 by Liat


The mirror is an everyday routine that every- one practices through their day ..
So that’s how the story begins…It starts with a narrow pathway with an open way since people outside can have a glance and while they look inside they might notice some of the words written on the walls which can be shown from out- side, so they will be interested and attracted to have a look and nd out what is inside. As soon as they enter, there are 3 big mirrors right in front of them.



As they walk towards the mirror, they read on the right wall some questions which they link to their daily life questions be- cause these are questions people often ask themselves everyday or whenever they are in a state of thinking, specially while alone and in front of the mirror just like this position. They look around and through the mirror they see re ected questions so they start to look around and try to answer these questions, trying to understand themselves more. These questions are asked a lot and the point of this mirror exhibition is to show the relation be- tween a person and the mirror

since the mirror is known as an everyday routine or act that a person practices looking at.


Some people avoid it since they have something negative towards it. At the end each person should know how to appreciate them- selves and be comfortable with who they are. Love of self and accepting one self is the most important thing to be able to move forward. The mirror is a normal mirror since while being alone in front of the mirror is when one truly understands himself. Whether happy or sad, mirror and moods are directly related to each other. If one is happy his mood while looking at the mirror will be happy and vice versa.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 19.36.38.png



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